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Tickets for most events can be booked in advance either online, by phone, or from the venue box office.


For most events, you can book your tickets online by clicking the "Book this event online" link beside the event details. All bookable events can also be found in the May section at…


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Or, on the day, tickets, if still available, can be bought on the door at each venue.

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Most evening events scheduled at Swindon Arts Centre are available to buy as a double ticket at a reduced price. But these discounted tickets cannot be bought online. Should you wish to purchase double tickets, please call the box office on 01793 524481.

If you have any queries about booking or the Festival in general, please email us or ring 01793 771080.

Sunday May 7

Children & Families Day

Lower Shaw Farm, West Swindon SN5 5PJ
Tel 01793 771080
10.30am – 4pm 7 May £5 adult • £4 child
Light refreshments, snacks, and lunches available on site!

CHILDREN & FAMILIES DAY – a day for all ages, families and children, together!

Presented in association with the LOWER SHAW FARM CHILDREN’S PROJECT

10.30am: CAMPFIRE STORYTELLING with Chris Park

…and his friendly wolfhound.

10.30am: SPOON PUPPET-MAKING with Vicky Hirsch.

A chance to make your own puppets – prince or princess, beauty or beast, villain or magician – and to tell your own story in a mini pop-up theatre!

10.30am onwards: HILDA’S HAPPY HUT, with Dressing-up Clothes, Walks, and Stories! – with Hilda Sheehan.

Starts in the front garden, with dressing up clothes and stories; and leads to walks round by barn, garden, orchard, and pond.

Ages: suitable for up to eight years but older children welcome, and parents too!


…play and tell Peter and the Wolf, on flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and French horn. A narrator tells the story and each instrument represents a character. Delightful! And suitable for all ages.

11.30am: JACK COOKE

…author of The Tree Climber’s Guide, on the joy of climbing trees! A word journey that takes off into the beautiful tangle of bark, branches, leaves, and trees. After the talking, there could be some climbing, on the Festival farm’s friendly old chestnut tree.

12.30pm: RINA MAE ACOSTA on The Happiest Kids in the World.

Is it true that Dutch babies are content and sleep well; that Dutch parents let their children play outside on their own and ride their bikes to school, where homework is not set to under tens; and that their teenagers do not rebel?
What’s going on in Holland?

Author of successful parenting blog Finding Dutchland, Rina Mae Acosta, will explain a few things, and maybe say how and why.

1.30pm: THE TIN FOREST – by PuppetCraft.

A fabulous, funny, moving, uplifting, and very live puppet show, full of visual invention, priceless puppetry, a wind- up circus, exotic animals, and musical fun. Suitable for all ages!


…play and tell The Three Billy Goats Gruff, on flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. Suitable for all ages.

All day, look out for WATERSTONES bookstall with their wonderful selection of books, games, quizzes, and word-fun for everyone!

ALSO, on Children and Families Day at Lower Shaw Farm, there may be a TREASURE HUNT, TALKING with the ANIMALS, READING & WRITING TIME, and maybe even a little bit of PLAY, ROPE-SWINGING, and HAMMOCK-JUMPING in the BIG BARN! Come, and have fun!

Three Acres and a Cow: A History of Land Rights and Protest in Folk Song and Story

Lower Shaw Farm, West Swindon SN5 5PJ
Tel 01793 771080
7pm • 7 May • £7 (£6)

THREE ACRES AND A COW – the people’s history of Britain, through stories, poems, and songs.

Part TED-talk, part sing-along, part storytelling, here is a tale that connects the Norman Conquest, the Peasants’ Revolt, and the Industrial Revolution with numerous related contemporary events and issues. A chance to share in tales, songs, and feelings that have been shared for centuries.

Three Acres and a Cow is performed by international storyteller and performance artist Rachel Rose Reid, social historian and folk musician Robin Grey, and land lover and folk singer Katherine Hallewell.