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During 2021, Covid19 had a lot to answer for, not least of which was the loss of life, the interruption to education, and disruption of the economy. Thank goodness for human ingenuity, cutting edge science, and digital technology, plus the generosity of sponsors and Festival followers, which have all combined to ensure the survival, at some level, of festivals like ours.

We are lucky that Literature, as a written and spoken word-based activity, lends itself to being presented successfully in a variety ways, including live or online.

This means that, whatever restrictions may continue to be applied into spring to halt the spread of that virus, a festival of literature can happen, in Swindon.

And this May, we expect it to be live and in person!

We feel fortunate and grateful too that, notwithstanding the troubles and tragic times being experienced by people in other countries, we are able to celebrate Literature here in Swindon, along with the freedom of expression and action that much of it represents.

Ours is a Festival, which, to only slightly paraphrase T S Eliot, ‘boldly assumes the existence of a public . . eager to be kept in touch with current good reading, writing, and ideas.’

So, that is what we’ll do, from 2nd to 8th May. We expect enjoyable, interesting, challenging, informative, unpredictable, funny, and even memorable things to happen this year.

There will be events daily, at midday, teatime, and in the evening, carefully spaced and placed to enable you to attend as many as your own timetable and stamina allow.

Full Festival diary coming soon!

Now, please read on, and come along!

Festival Organiser or on 01793 771080

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