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PATRICK CURRY – on how wonder works, in art and life. 

Arts Centre, Devizes Road SN1 4BJ
Tel 01793 535534 
12.30pm ~ 3rd May ~ £8 (£7)

What makes art wonderful? What is enchantment? How does art enchant us? And what is liminality and where does it come into play? 
Canadian-born University lecturer, author of Enchantment: Wonder in Modern Life, Dr Patrick Curry is also musician, visual artist, photographer, and black belt (1st Dan) in karate-kickboxing, which has now segued into tai chi. His most recent book, Art and Enchantment . . . which is richly illustrated, looks at different kinds of artistic experience and activity, including painting, music, prose, and poetry, before exploring the possibility of a life oriented to enchantment as the activity of art itself. It will appeal to anyone interested in the true nature of aesthetic experience.

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MATTHEW YEOMANS - on returning to trees.

Arts Centre, Devizes Road SN1 4BJ
Tel 01793 535534 
6.30pm ~ 3rd May ~ £8 (£7)

Are trees good company? What can walking among trees do for us that walking anywhere cannot? What part do trees play in ancient landmarks? What is a national forest trail? What are the wonders of woodland?
Matthew Yeomans, the author of four books, his latest being Return to My Trees, is a writer with more than thirty years’ experience writing on sustainability, fitness, and travel for publications including The Guardian, National Geographic, and The New York Times. 

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RAY MEARS – on being in nature and the secret world of our trees, in conversation with Matt Holland.


Arts Centre, Devizes Road SN1 4BJ
Tel 01793 535534 
8pm ~ 3rd May ~ £9 (£8)

Did you know that sycamore and clematis are among the best woods for burning; that pine and oak help us navigate; that hawthorn and beech have edible leaves; that rope can be made from willow, and utensils and tools from hazel? 
As an authority on bushcraft and survival, both on television and in books, Ray Mears is the author of British Woodland, We Are Nature, and the Outdoor Survival Handbook.
With his deep natural history knowledge and practical woodcraft skills, Ray offers a very particular way to experience our wooded landscapes. Because we are not separate from nature or the ways of our ancestors, he shows how our hand in shaping woodland and being in nature are both critical to our and their well-being.

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